Chlorine Sensor 0-10ppm

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Fan-sampling gas sensitive electrochemical (GSE) Cl2 – sensor for Aeroqual S500 portable monitor, Aeroqual S900 fixed monitor and Aeroqual S930 fixed monitor.


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Cl2 Sensor Head 0-10ppm

Fan-sampling gas sensitive electrochemical (GSE) sensor: 0-10 ppm Cl2.

Sensor Code  ECL/ECL2
 Range  0-10ppm
 Sensor Type  GSE
 Minimum Detection Limit  0.01ppm
Accuracy of Factory Calibration <±0.02ppm + 10%
 Resolution  0.01ppm
 Response Time  30 Seconds
 Temp  0 to 40°C
 Relative Humidity  15 to 90%


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