an air quality monitor for every application


Mitigating the impact of air pollution on communities and workers is a key priority for environmental professionals and industrial hygienists. But outdoor air monitoring projects can be complex, expensive and don’t always deliver useful data.

That’s where our outdoor air quality monitors make the difference. We design and deliver integrated sensor and software systems that take the hassle and risk out of air quality monitoring, and deliver actionable and defensible data to users. Put simply, our aim is to make it easy to measure the air.

Purpose-built for the outdoors, our fixed and portable outdoor air quality monitors are robust and dependable. They are easy to set up and operate, and accurately measure ambient air for construction, remediation, urban environments, smart cities and national networks – for compliance, non-compliance and special purpose air monitoring.

Our patented near-reference sensor technology delivers highly accurate measurements for the following parameters:

  • Particulate matter
  • Ozone
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Volatile organic compounds
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • BTEX
  • Meteorological and other environmental parameters

Discover Our Outdoor Range

AQM65 – Compact Air Quality Stations

A complete ambient air monitoring station for a wide range of particulate and gaseous pollutants and environmental conditions.

The AQM’s sensor-based analyzer modules are a unique hybrid between sensors and analyzers, with a system designed to be calibrated in situ using Standard Reference Materials for best practice.

With advanced temperature and humidity control, the AQM has proven long term performance in extreme climates.

AQS – Mini Air Quality Stations

A lightweight yet high-performing air quality monitor that measures particulate matter plus up to three gases of interest. The AQS 1 is designed for short and long-term monitoring studies, equipped with cutting edge air monitoring software and is affordable enough to be deployed in small networks for a range of applications:

  • Construction dust and emissions
  • Roadside traffic emissions
  • Rail corridor and terminal emissions
  • Mapping ozone formation and distribution
  • Air quality model validation
  • Community exposure studies

AQY – Micro Air Quality Monitor

A ‘low cost’ air quality monitor, the AQY gives you air quality information that’s scientifically credible, and relevant to where you live, work and play. Set up as a single device or deployed as a network of monitors, the AQY reports key urban pollutants in real-time. Use the AQY for:

  • Smart city grid monitoring
  • Mapping pollution sources
  • Roadside monitoring networks
  • Community exposure studies
  • Protecting health and safety of students
  • Validating air quality models

Dust Monitoring Devices and Equipment

Dust Sentry is a robust particulate and dust monitor with cutting edge air monitoring software, that makes outdoor dust monitoring easy:

  • Purpose designed for outdoors
  • Fully integrated hardware and software system
  • Real-time continuous PM10, PM2.5, PM1 or TSP
  • Access air quality data 24/7/365
  • SMS and email alerts within <1 minute of event
  • Remote WIFI and cellular connectivity
  • Optional plug-in wind, weather and noise sensors
  • Battery/solar power compatible
  • Add gas measurements at any time